Is the service of ghostwriter too expensive?

Started by LindaAnderson, September 17, 2020, 06:15:27 PM

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No, it is not very expensive. Considering the cost and benefit ratio, it can even be very cheap. In general, only after an examination of each specific case can a budget be made. It will all depend on the time the ghostwriter for hirewill spend on his project. The price may go up if there is a need for long recorded interviews to be transcribed, bibliographic survey on the subject, research in libraries or archives, detailed analysis of books of minutes or old correspondence, obtaining certificates from notaries, or translation of documents.  The less time the work takes, the more its price will be reduced. What do you think?

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To our forum members: This is a shameless advert.  The ghosts concerned may or may not be very good at what they do.  I don't know them so can't say.

To the ghosts:  This forum is aimed at people who want to write their own books.  This makes them somewhat different from those who want to be published at any cost.


Jo Bannister

Gyppo hits the nail on the head, as always. 

Writers don't need ghostwriters, not at any price.  They need to practice their craft until it's incapable of improvement.