Romance Writing Contest with Cash Prizes & Gift Cards

Started by SanaStories, November 03, 2020, 08:40:59 AM

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Hi there writers!

We are the team behind Sana Stories, a new free book reading app for original romantic and erotic interactive stories for adult women. In Sana app all stories are branching, meaning that the readers can choose between several story lines, twists and endings. All Sana stories are written with our Sana Writing Tool, which makes writing interactive stories easy and fun.

We are currently running a writing contest for authors interested in interactive writing. Top three stories win cash prizes of 500, 200, and 100 euros! We also offer a 50 dollar/euro/pound gift card for the first 100 stories written with our Writing Tool that follow the contest guidelines. Start writing your own interactive stories right away, or adapt an already existing linear story into a branching one. It's easier than you think!

READ MORE about Sana & the Writing Contest here:

Feel free to join our Writers' Group on Facebook - The Sana team is excited to hear your feedback and answer your questions:
You can also send us an email to!

You can download Sana Stories for free in Google Play or AppStore. Please note that there is a temporary login when first opening the app - This will be removed soon and no login is required from users after that!

P.S. We know that the world of online publishing is not always fair. This is why we will pay authors 25% of all subscription revenue based on how much their stories are read. In Sana you also have full ownership of your stories and IPs, and you can request your story to be removed at any time.

We're excited to hear from you!

With love,
Sana Team