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Started by Spell Chick, February 11, 2023, 01:27:08 AM

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Spell Chick

So, I've tried to make Reddit work before and failed, but this time I tried harder. I am getting the hang of it, but I'm not really all that good at finding things.

But I did find this.

It is sorta fun to find the weird things and try to write something. I've only posted once, but I'm pretty sure I can find some more things to try my hand at.
Imperfect Reason My thoughts, such as they are.


Cool! And I usually find good technical and other advice by searching Reddit. There's a whole group devoted to houseplant care, for example.

I think I'll pick one of those prompts and buckle down to actually produce something today. Thanks, Spell!
Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.
Arthur Ashe

Spell Chick

It was fun and challenging without being too much to get down quickly without overthinking. I started out writing present tense and then switched to past, so I had editing to do even though I was just trying for quick and dirty.
Imperfect Reason My thoughts, such as they are.