Silly Little Regrets. A silly little game.

Started by Gyppo, January 16, 2024, 12:10:39 PM

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I'm sure we all have them.  Little things we could or should have done, but never did.  Often really inconsequential deeds or places to visit, and then one day it was no longer possible.  So the thought niggles, quite gently, in the background, but also never quite goes away.

So I'll kick off with one and see if anyone else wants to play.

There used to be a pub not far away, called The Highwayman, and the hanging sign showed a Highwayman on his horse, gazing up at an Inn window towards a shadowy figure.  Presumably his lady love.  A painted capture of the Highwayman poem.  Rather evocative.  An old school pub-art painting, not one of the 'modern' paint-by-numbers style.

It lay back from the road, a few trees nearby, and I imagined it in the old days, without street lighting, when what is now a busy 'A' road was just a well worn but potentially risky track between two towns.

Every time I went by on the bus, or my motorbike, I told myself I'd go and visit.   Even without dressing up I would have probably felt compelled to swagger in, like some visiting desperado ;-)

For one reason or another I never did, and the place shut down, was boarded up, and eventually demolished.

Even now, whenever I pass, I look at that gap in the treeline and picture the sign swinging in the breeze.

One day some developer will build a dozen houses on that site and it will blend in, but until that day it's a niggling reminder.

Jo Bannister

I once had the chance of a ride in a helicopter, and turned it down!

In my defence, I was very young, helicopters weren't very old, and I had the idea that I would be trusting my life to a single nut holding the rotor on.

I kind of made up for it a bit later, when I said yes to the chance to fly with an aerobatics pilot, and that was serious fun; but I still regret the helicopter.


Quote from: Jo Bannister on January 17, 2024, 10:20:48 AMIn my defence, I was very young, helicopters weren't very old, and I had the idea that I would be trusting my life to a single nut holding the rotor on.

It's usually a circle of nuts, and they're unlikely to all fail at once.  But it's a popular legend.

Engineers call it the 'Jesus Nut'  If it comes unscrewed that is, allegedly, the most common first word from the pilot.

Had a good 'nosy writers' look around a Royal Navy Sea King  and the crewman gave a very informative and enthusiastic lecture on ditching procedures, and how to find your way out if it was upside down in the water.  Many years ago, but I dare say I'd remember it now, if I didn't panic.


Jo Bannister

Somebody gave me a book of good advice for surviving emergencies.  Fire, flood, attack by killer bees (whatever happened to them?) - you name it, he knew the answer.  Till we came to, Your helicopter pilot has just dropped dead with a heart attack.  For which the advice was: Look, whatever you do you're probably still going to die.  So you might as well try this...