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Started by Jo Bannister, November 04, 2020, 09:35:48 AM

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Jo Bannister

Una Petiz (some authorities spell it Ppetiz) was a Hungarian milk-maid who discovered a time- and cost-effective way of producing yoghurt on remote farms without electricity.  She sealed the freshly drawn milk in a sheepskin bag and attached it to her cow's bell collar before turning it back up the mountain.  The next day she had milk at one end of the cow and yoghurt at the other.  Una P(p)etizing can therefore describe the method, or the art of turning a problem into a solution.


Spell Chick

Concentric circles are nested one inside another. Electric circles are bouncing off in all directions making an absolute mess of everything.

DICTIONARY (something that would certainly help me in my quest to type correctly)
Imperfect Reason My thoughts, such as they are.

Jo Bannister

(It's the fingers, Chick - they have a mind of their own.)

From earliest childhood, Ricardo Tiona wanted to be an engine driver.  Nothing remarkable about that, of course - lots of little boys do. What set young Dic apart was his skill in choosing his parents, for the Tiona family were seriously wealthy.  (His great-grandfather had been a circus acrobat, his grandfather a ring-master, and his father had sold the land his circus stood on for development as a major hub airport.)  So what Dic got for his tenth birthday was not a model train set but a railway - the DicTionaRy.



Acro-Bat.  An outstandingly agile Bat.  They're nimble little sods anyway, but occasionally there's one who, like Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, seems becomes obsessed with flying for its own sake rather than hunting food.

All Acro-Bats die of malnutrition eventually and just drop out of the sky.  But for a few brief days, having achieved a perfect power to weight ratio, they can perform manoeuvres which make a modern computer controlled jet fighter look like a sloth on Mogadon.


Jo Bannister

One of the mega-fauna that co-existed with the giant sloth, the mammoth, the woolly rhinoceros and the chalicothere.  They are known today from multiple skeletons found in a single French valley, having never to our knowledge crossed the watershed into any of the adjacent, equally suitable valleys.  It is surmised that the mogadon, while successful in its own immediate area, was simply too lazy to expand outwards, and preferred extinction to making the effort necessary to survive.  The mogadon thus bears a striking similarity to the modern human teenager.



Ex-Stinked.  Phonetically, something which no longer smells.

"Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones."