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Started by Jewel, December 22, 2017, 08:26:24 AM

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Welcome to! :-)

We're so happy that you're here, and know that you're about to make some great friends.

Before you dive in, please say hello first on THIS board!

Here's how:

*   Start a new Topic - top right of the Welcome Board Screen
*   Write your message
*   Click Preview to check your entry - wise thing to do because you can't change anything till you have 50 posts
*   Click Post

A moderator will be along shortly after that to give you a few more guidelines.

The current BWF moderators are Fire-Fly, Laura, Nick, Foxy, Jewel, and Michael.  Moderators help new members find their feet and make sure the rules are followed. We try to have one moderator from somewhere on the planet online at all times.

Appreciate a reply that someone has provided in the forum? Click the 'Kudos' button next to their post to bump their Kudos score. It's just a way to spread a little love  8)

We don't have many rules on BWF but we take the few we have seriously.

X and R rated works are not permitted on this site as youngsters have access to all the boards.

*   If your content has an adult theme and/or strong language, please say so in the subject.
*   If your content is otherwise erotic in nature, please find a forum that will accept your work.

Please read any 'Read This First' stickies at the top of each board before you post. These explain any particular rules that apply to that specific board.

You might find it helpful to first familiarise yourself with how other members have posted and commented before you post your own work.

New members may not post weblinks and signature text in their profile, and may not delete their posts. If you get yourself into a knot, contact a moderator to evaluate the issue.

That's all for now.

So, please -- say hello. And get ready for a big warm welcome :-)
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