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Started by Onideus, June 08, 2022, 07:02:21 AM

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Or was it artist?  Maybe both!  My gimmick is largely WEED WRITING!  I write weird stuff while high... some of its kinda scary.

I use a variety of data forecasting or perception running techniques to create twisted, uncanny valley versions of the future... also for political posting.  Kinda like Q was doing with FOIA requests and apophenic inferences.

Q is like... the knock-off of my brand.

Mine is perfected to the point where I can break reality down into what I call "conceptual chemistry" which I then use in conjunction with pattern recognition in order to "notice" things people normally don't... some of which could potentially be dangerous.

And if all that sounds like a bunch of stupid nonsense, well... maybe it is.

I do possess infinite imagination.

The problem with that is... I can always come up with more "explanations" for it... plausible... implausible... whatever you like!

So I usually just pass everything off to Jesus like all the previous philosophical savants did.

It's just safer that way and it's stupid easy to prove the existence of God.  Easier than it is trying to explain conceptual chemistry.

I have been trying to teach the normies tho, how to see psychopathic parlor tricks.

Not sure about you all, but uh... I'm gettin tired of Kronos's kids running roughshod on the hoomuns and purposefully screwing them up to try and destroy their sense of autonomy.

So I've been teaching them about us Athenians and how we use Athenian abuse to amp up our perception.

Abusive emotional isolation coupled with unrelenting expectations of one's reasoning from as early as possible.

Asians cultures have been attempting to create their own knock-off brand for quite some time, but their conceptual chemistry is a bit "off".

They don't understand that it requires artistic freedom to really make it "go".

If you remove autonomy the best you'll get is a human calculator... not quite the same as being able to repaint reality on the fly.

So I combine a lot of Jesus stuff with Athenian stuff and make it go, "BRRRR!"

Oh, also... I can make it darker.

Be careful tho about asking... sometimes I discover things that you'll regret knowing about.

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