Sticky: Welcome to The Coffee Table. (What it is and what it isn't.)

Started by Gyppo, January 16, 2018, 04:14:19 PM

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The Coffee Table is intended as a replacement for 'The Gallery" over on the other place we all knew and loved.

It's a place to post work you wish to share largely for the joy of it.  It's not a 'workshop' for extended or detailed critiques, although comments are still welcome.

We all sometimes write things which we know are never going to be commercial success, but we feel they deserve a wider audience than just family or close friends. You can use it for 'stuff' you wrote years ago but maybe never sold, or even work you sold a long time ago, as long as there's no copyright issues.

If you're an occasional poet with no wish to take it too seriously, this may be the place for you rather than the working poetry boards.  But don't assume no response means it wasn't enjoyed, or it was terrible.  People come here to be readers as well as writers, and with the best will in the world we don't always dash off quick 'thank you' notes to every author we enjoy, do we?  In truth some of the more famous make easy access difficult.

Show us what you've got ;-)  Share those little gems you've hidden away.