Ode to the Lady at Superlo wearing her mask under her chin

Started by Laura, December 19, 2020, 06:32:28 PM

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Droplets, droplets everywhere
They're on my clothes and in my hair!
The cause is all the plague deniers-
Their leader with his pants on fire,
he told them this would "disappear",
So go to church! Go get a beer!

And now they laugh at common sense.
Are they, perhaps, simply too dense
to calculate that odds are greater
They'll end up on a ventilator
Because they said "it's just the flu"!
"I've got my rights, so forget you!"

So now I buy my food at dawn,
But even then, there's always one-
They'll come too close, no social distance,
A twinkle in their eyes that glistens,
Itching for a fight to pick.
These anti-maskers make me sick.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.
Arthur Ashe


Nicely constructed, Laura.

(Which, for the benefit of those who misunderstand the value of commas, is very different from 'Nicely constructed Laura.)

I too fail to understand the logic  of the anti-mask brigade.  I absolutely hate wearing mine, but I wouldn't feel I had a right to wander around dropping small anti-personnel mines wherever I went.  It either slips up and tries to blind me, or works down a bit because of my beard.   I will have to buy, or make, a slightly larger one.  Or dig out my biker's balaclava with just an eye slot and look even more sinister.

It's just a bloody inconvenience, folks, not a violation of your 'rights'.  Our fathers and grandfathers didn't fight in two world wars just so we'd have the right to be criminally stupid in peacetime.

As an asthmatic I could claim exemption, but I haven't.



Thanks, Gyppo. After posting, I realized I meant to post this in the non review section. I'm not a poet, and I know it. This was just a bit of fun I spat out to channel my frustration with the grocery store situation.
Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.
Arthur Ashe


You should have more fun with your poetic spatting. You are clever, Laura.

You took a crappy social problem and made it a humorous and relatable read. I wish I'd thought of it.  ;)
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