Your Favorite Song Today

Started by thatollie, December 21, 2017, 01:59:23 PM

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My Golden retriever's favorite song- but  he only 'sings' the chorus  :)


The Red Rose Cafe

I'm not a great fan of the delivery, and it's definitely overworked with too many repetitions of the same words.  (If you can't make up more verses let it be short.)

But it sounds like a great place for 'people watching'.


Something nostalgic today , because Steve Winwood is always cool :)


If you're looking for a bit of 'fling yourself about like a whirling dervish' music this one is hard to beat.


Still love the beginning of this Stevie Wonder classic, even after all these years


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starting to think of the summer holiday, tent is up, kids asleep inside and me and the missus sitting outside with a bottle of good red......

gianna nannini and bello impossibile


I have probably posted this before but it is my favourite Aussie renditions of Waltzing Matilda. This lady rocks it
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How about something to wake everyone up:

Mississippi Queen
Motivation for Life



She's a rainbow
The Rolling Stones.

Warning:  The somewhat psychedelic video is probably unwise for anyone with epilepsy.


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A different version of the 'Gypsy Rover' theme.

Somewhere I have this sung by a man, which is more appropriate than a woman singing it even though she does a good job.


Heard this on the radio driving to work the other day. Even though I would not peg it as "my style" the damn song won't get out of my brain!

Didn't know the name of it but was able to find it with a few lyrics.

Portugal The Man
Feel it Still
Motivation for Life