Unfrozen, the non movie

Started by Spell Chick, April 16, 2023, 03:18:58 PM

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Spell Chick

Last week, the freezer was left partly ajar for quite some time. I don't want to blame anyone, but I had not been in the freezer for days while someone else who lives here adds ice to his drinks. But he doesn't do that real often, so the door was ajar for so long that things were melting.

We have a freezer on the bottom set up with a drawer that pulls out and apparently you have to really shut the thing for it to work. Who knew?

The vegetables are kept on a pullout rack on top with the meat safely tucked under that. We were able to save all the meat, mostly because the freezer was nearly full after going to Costco days earlier.

The vegetables, however, were iffy. Then upon further inspection, the vegetables were ruined. So I had to make a trip today to buy several bags of frozen veggies to restock my freezer. It was not all that happy of an excursion, but at least we didn't lose hundreds of dollars of meat along with the cheaper veggies. I'm trying to be grateful.
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