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Started by Gyppo, June 22, 2024, 01:53:54 PM

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   If the thought of 'Tactical Voting' bothers you then perhaps this will ease your mind.  This is 100% true. 

   A friend of mine recently wrote to her electoral office asking what to do with her mother's polling card as the elderly lady has recently gone into a home.

   The answer, which may not surprise many of us, no matter which side we support in the political bullshit.

   No capacity is required to vote.


Jo Bannister

Infinite time, effort and grief went into achieving a universal franchise.  How much better it would have been if the proponents had qualified the universal element by adding a minimum standard of common sense.

And now there's talk of extending the vote to 16-year-olds.  They're not considered responsible enough to drive cars, drink alcohol or answer for their actions in an adult court - I've known 16-year-olds who weren't safe crossing the road alone - but they're competent to pick a government?

"No capacity" be damned!  Let's have a competency test, designed to measure the presence or absence of ordinary common sense, and give the vote to everyone who passes it.  And withhold it from anyone who doesn't.


The trouble is that any such test would probably be based on what you know rather than what your ability to think.

Some people can store huge amounts of pointless statistics, etc,  in their heads - like the kids who can list every football player in the world, or tell you how many times Lewis Whatisname achieved pole position in every race he's ever driven, but can't be trusted to go shopping without getting lost or distracted.

We are expected to judge politicians now on what they say they are going to do in the future.  Also to forget the damned stupid mistakes they made in the past.

If we chose authors based on what they might do, as opposed to any established track record they may have,  there'd be an awful lot of crap books published.  Come to think of it...


(Who does his best to be apolitical, but can't help being amused by the sheer volume of garbage turned out by all sides.  Since they were foolish enough to televise the workings (?) of government it's become just another game show for morons.  A farrago of foolishness.  An empire  of inanities.)