Suitcase or Rucksack?

Started by Gyppo, February 27, 2023, 04:50:33 PM

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Rucksack vs Suitcase

I've always been a rucksack (and big pockets) man myself.  A non-framed rucksack just follows wherever you go.  If I can get through the gap so can the rucksack.  In extremis I can pull it behind me or push it ahead.

I never have liked suitcases, they always feel like a lopsided appendage.  You know, there may be a lightweight psychology article in this line of thought.

Suitcases normally say 'Here I am', (especially if you travel ostentatiously with a set of matched luggage), 'Give me room', and mark out territory on a train or other public transport.  You can sit with a rucksack on your lap if necessary.  Far more reassuring, if your entire life is packed in the sack, than leaving it in a luggage rack at the distant end of a railway carriage.

Rucksacks bend and slip through gaps, perfect for those who see themselves as 'just passing through.  More interested in the journey than the ultimate destination. ( I'm going to make a note of this to play with later.)