Stéphan, a true rebel (an obit of sorts)

Started by Mastafrank, May 17, 2019, 11:59:59 PM

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I got the news yesterday that a long time aquaintance overdosed 2 weeks ago..Stephan and I ran in different circles but we always respected one another...

First met him way back in 2002 when I worked part time at the Carnival,and again when I moved into the rooming house.

Stephan never gave two fucks what anybody thought,once throwing a microwave through his second floor window, dancing in his undies in a raging
storm.His favorite activity was mooning the university students every night... .always plodding along through life,he enjoyed partying,always searching for a cheap high...

After attempting suicide 4 years ago,they moved him to a bachelor appartment.Six months after moving in he had the door kicked in by the police...He settled down rather quickly after that...

Sadly,this past year Addiction got a firm death grip on him,he would always be pawning whatever he could steal or selling his groceries for a few smokes..

Whether he actually overdosed or commited suicide I don't know and don't care...

He was still someone's Father,brother,son, uncle,and cousin...

Repose toi bien,mon homme.
Vous le méritez


 :-* :-*

Sorry to hear of your loss mate. Addiction is a horrid thing
Don't take life too seriously, none of us get out of it alive


It is :(

Doesn't help that big pharma pushes very addictive drugs....