Some days I feel like I've got a goat instead of a dog

Started by Mastafrank, October 17, 2022, 07:06:27 PM

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My dog LOVES vegetables Whenever I purchase any carrots,apples,or beans I have to buy extra,else the dog will eat my supplies...

Even if I hide everything, Pigs will bark non stop until I relent and give him what he desires...

Keeps him quiet  at least

Jo Bannister

Most vegetables are good for dogs.  When I cook veggies for myself, which is most days, I always add extra for mixing in with the dog's tea.  There are odd ones to avoid.  Onions are bad, I believe; and raisins can be lethal.  Funny, when in many ways we're so alike, that foods we relish can really harm our dogs.  As always, if you don't know, find out.


My Uncle's cat used to go crazy for cucumber.  If they left the shopping unattended he'd rip open the carrier bag and chomp on the cucumber like a kid with a stick of rock.

Didn't seem too interested in any other veggies, but cucumber was like catnip to him.