Started by Gyppo, January 13, 2023, 08:57:41 AM

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   What is wrong with the phrase second-hand?  Or refurbished, if it's really true and not just a cosmetic wipe over with an oily rag.

   Nearly all my computers have been secondhand.  I've never owned a brand-new motorcycle.

   When I see adverts for pre-loved washing machines and other domestic appliances I find myself in the same position as female pilots flying inverted.  Its a 'crack up' situation.

   Does anyone really love their appliances?

   I've become rather attached to some long lasting appliances/machines, but love is going a bit far.

   Look at it this way.  If you  marry a widow or divorcee she may well be pre-loved, let's hope she was, but I doubt if you'd use the term.  But you probably wouldn't call her second-hand either.


Jo Bannister

I've only ever bought one car new, and it was a Citroen 2CV!  I aim at a 3-year-old that someone else has run in and spent all their money on, and still has most of its life ahead of it though only half the money on its nose.  If you're not too worried about impressing the neighbours, it's a good plan.


Pre loved?

Does this apply to partners as well?

I've haven't bought a new gaming system since the PlayStation 2 came out lol

I bought a used Xbox one 3 years ago instead of paying $500 for an Xbox series .

3 years later there are still few new series why would I pay for a new console.