People are bloody fantastic at times.

Started by Gyppo, December 31, 2017, 04:42:57 PM

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I've often mentioned the mental tape recorder which stores images for me, even at the most inconvenient or overwhelming times, and plays them back later.  In full Technicolour with surround sound.  Here's a couple of those moments.


   Odd Moment:

   After Mum's funeral there were several people I only half recognised coming up to shake my hand and offer their condolences.  One such suddenly appeared in front of me, saying the usual things, and all I could think of was that he, Reg, had died several years previously.

   From there, in my curious mental state, it was just a short step to wonder if I'd dropped dead myself during the service and he'd turned up to be my guide to the other side.  I was horrified to think that I might have spoiled Mum's 'going away party' for her.   Embarrassed even.

   This surreal thought only lasted a few seconds before I realised he was David, Reg's son, and in the ten years or so since I last saw him he'd aged to look just like his Dad.

   It was a very odd few moments.

   The only other time I've wondered if I'd died without knowing it was many years ago when I was caught up in an explosion at work, and came around to find a total stranger asking if I was alright.  A gorgeous dark-haired gypsy-brown angel.  Well, that was my still bewildered interpretation of the event.  Much better than those insipid ethereal blonde ones.  Turned out she was a new girl, starting that morning.


   Another unexpected pair of guests were an old man and his wife.  They definitely looked familiar, but I couldn't put a name to them.

   He was the chap I went out and called an ambulance for when he came off his motorbike outside my house.  I was sat at my desk one blazing hot Summer, heard the crunch, instinctively knew exactly what it was, picked up my mobile phone and went out to check.  Lots of people still stood staring so I called 999 and went to check him out.

   I met him again a year or so later and he said all he recalled was a large wild looking man in nothing but a pair of denim cut-offs 'taking charge', telling him to 'Lie still and don't worry about the bloody traffic, they can go around the other way."   And to "Keep your helmet on until the ambulance gets here in case your neck's damaged."

   Apparently they saw the notice in the paper, recognised the surname and address, and came to 'offer their support.'

   People are bloody fantastic at times.



I'm not usually overly fond of people, but yes, sometimes they really can be bloody amazing. Your story illustrates this quite well.
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Funny how the mind processes things Gyp and lovely the second dude remembered, that is really special
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That is a really wonderful story - I wonder what sparked his memory?  The wreck itself or the "large wild looking man" ?

All joking aside, though, it is nice to know that there are still so many thoughtful people in the world. It was his thoughtfulness to share your grief, even if only for a moment.
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Cathy C

What a nice gesture. People can surprise you sometimes.
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