O2 phone shop experience.

Started by Gyppo, June 02, 2024, 06:50:28 PM

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   O2 shop experience

   Went into the Southampton O2 shop to sort out my mobile connection.  Found I needed an appointment because they were very busy.  booked in and went off to buy a burger.  (That is another story in itself, for anither time.

   I'd already been to the eye unit earlier in the morning and it was a sunny day.  So my pupils were dilated from the hospital eye drops, and the world was both bright and blurry.   For all I know I may have looked a bit like some wild-eyed drugged-up street person.  Cammo Man with huge pupils ;-)

   O2 sent me a text and I went back to the little shop.  Saw a lovely young lady who sorted iy all out.

   When she swung the monitor around so I  could read through the contract and tick the various boxes It was a soft focus job,  readable, but...

   I couldn't find the bloody cursor.  Asked her to  point it out.  My home computer is set up to suit myself, and I've had a bright red and larger than normal cursor for years now.  The standard pale little bugger was almost invisible.

   The mouse felt all wrong too.  Mine is deliberately a bit hair-trigger, and I don't need to move it far to take it right off the screen.

   But between us we found a suitable tariff, seeing as the old one no longer existed.  Minimal data, because with my old man's voluntarily 'dumb phone' I don't use it for email or browsing.

   Had to smile when she asked if I minded them doing a credit check. Then told me they had to do it anyway.

   I told her there's no problems there.  I managed not to say they 'wouldn't find a nigger in my woodpile'.

   Probably took about fifteen minutes all told, and so much better than trying to do it over the phone, with background call-centre noises and dealing with a sing-song oriental voice which doesn't always play well with my shop-worn ears no matter how clearly the person speaks.

   The O2 shop is one of those open-fronted units within a large shopping mall, which in itself is a daunting prospect for people like me,  and there was a certain amount of 'swimming pool mish-mash' noise.  But face to face conversation was okay.

   One of the options offered was a spending cap, so I would never go above my limit.   But I didn't want that.  In family emergencies we just make the calls and take the time we need, and pay the bill when in comes in.

   Best of all, when I  got home, there was an email copy of my contract, which I can print off and put into a proper cardboard folder for quick reference when I need it.  Old habits die hard, and don't necessarily need to die anyway.  Plus the fact that, when the time comes, my family will know where to look to wind up my affairs.


PS: Later I looked at reviews for that particular shop and many of them were absolutely horrendous.  I am beginning to seriously wonder if I exist in an alternative universe to the unhappy folks who wrote them.