My head has shrunk ;-)

Started by Gyppo, December 31, 2022, 11:50:16 AM

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Or that's what it felt like.  No, I haven't had my hair cut.

My damned headphones broke.  One earpiece just fell off and dangled from the cable.  It was strange sensation, listening to music and then suddenly losing the input on the left ear.

I've no idea how old they are, but they've been around for years.  Ideal in that they are the 'over the ear' variety, (I truly don't like earbuds), with a decent length of cable.  Long enough that I can get up from my desk and reach stuff on the shelves without pulling the plug out.  Short enough that there's not festooning black coils of it to trip me up, or get under the sliders of my chair.  Heavy enough to sit steadily on my head without wobbling or sliding, but not feel like a lead hat.

I can possibly mend them, but now the plastic has snapped I can see there's always been a weak point there and the other side is showing signs of following suit.  Time to move on, I think.

But I don't fancy modern cordless ones.  (I might love them if I tried a pair.)  Nor do I want to spend three figures for recording engineer quality.

Any suggestions as to a good make and model?

I'm currently using my old backup pair, which provide a  surprisingly good sound, but are cursed with a ludicrously short cable.  Fine for audiobooks, but it barely reaches the tower of my computer.   If I spin around to see what Alma is getting up to behind me the phones are ripped off my head.

They're also a little bit too lightweight.  But they'll serve a turn for now.

Looks like I'll be buying myself a new year present.



Spell Chick

I would suggest looking into something bluetooth. Once the cord is missing, you will be surprised at how cumbersome it has been all this time. There are some things that are worth hooking up.

I love my bluetooth speaker that travels with me to the garage or to the kitchen or whatever, but that's a whole different can of worms.
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