May Day Greetings to you all.

Started by Gyppo, May 01, 2023, 08:52:29 AM

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    By the time you read this all the following will have come to pass.

    The pagan votive offering has been hung, all the doors and windows opened to welcome in the Summer, and the ritual has been observed.  My home is now blessed for the next year.

    I have no doubt a passing seagull will scream, and pigeons will make a noisy flypast  All without prior arrangement or coercion.

    I am civilised enough to wait until 7 am before playing the 'Padstow' song, rather than blasting the neighbours as soon as the sun came up.  It's only once a year.

      Like a grey pony-tailed dancing bear I will tread the measured barefoot steps thorough the bungalow and around my boundaries.

     All is well.