It's been a long 11 days..Ottawa under occupation

Started by Mastafrank, February 08, 2022, 12:56:59 AM

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January 28th-31st the 'freedom convoy started arriving ahead of a protest against mandatory vaccines for cross border trucking...

It's devolved into an utter shit show...urinating and crapping all over the place. Desecrating our flags,and memorials etc

No matter which side you support 16 hours of honking is psychological warfare...

Our police chief has proven to be quite incompetent. Yesterday they finally removed some of the occupiers colored diesel..

A private citizen/lawyer took it upon herself  to go before the court to get an injunction against further Honking,we won...

The occupiers have multiple Zello channels so people could radio in messages of support, which backfired.Trolls started spamming them with Ram Ranch

18 naked cowboys in the shower at ram ranch