Is a picture truly worth one thousand words? This one may be.

Started by Gyppo, January 04, 2018, 10:58:28 PM

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My daughter passed this one on to me today

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Don't take life too seriously, none of us get out of it alive

Cathy C

Novel: Where There's Smoke.

Short Story: A Killer Week Published by Bridge House


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Well...  If you give your subconscious mind a problem to solve just before you go to sleep it may well give you some words.  Not every time, and sometimes it may take a few days.  But the more you use this technique the more it works.  Eventually you'll do it almost without thinking.

If it's a well mannered subconscious it will let you wake up normally, have breakfast, and sit at the keyboard before clamouring for your attention.

On the other hand it may bound into your dreams like a joyous St Bernard Puppy which has been sampling its own barrel of brandy, snatch you awake,and send you desperately reaching for a notepad or something to take dictation before it collapses in a hairy heap and goes straight back to sleep, leaving you wide awake and wired.

If this happens don't assume you'll be able to remember it in the morning.  Get something written down, even if it's just a few cryptic notes.  This is when living alone is great.  You can stumble to the keyboard, kick the idea around a bit, then go back to bed.  (If you haven't enabled autosave on your machine then do it now, just in case your suddenly sleepy again mind just shuts the computer off.

Your logical everyday brain has an annoying habit of sending in a cleanup crew to tidy up after the puppy's been on a rampage, and they're very efficient.  Like forensic cleaners making a murder scene fit for habitation again.  If you don't take the notes all that's left is the memory that you had a brilliant idea but now it's gone.

That insidious thought can haunt you for days, just like a headline torn from a long discarded newspaper.