I shall be glad when the jam-making season arrives.

Started by Gyppo, August 05, 2022, 10:58:44 AM

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Like a dutiful dad I carefully wash and store all my jam jars, not of all of which originally contained jam.  Some had pickles or honey, or whatever.

I tuck them away in a crate for when my daughters phone up and ask, "Dad, I don't suppose you have any clean jam jars around?"  I can usually give them the lids as well, apart from a few which get sidelined for other little jobs around the house.

I have a similar crate full of plastic containers or bottles for Alma's 'Junk Play' projects, or sometimes my own schemes.  Plus a  few tin cans of unusual size.

But once the crates are full I throw things out, or ask around for other recipients.  There's a limit to how much space I'll willingly give up.  I've not intention of starting a third crate because there's no cupboard space for it

During lockdown I gave away several carrier bags full of jars to a jam-making lady I've never seen.  She collected them from my doorstep, like a thief in the night.  Although I said they were 'free to a good home' it wouldn't have hurt her to drop off a jar of jam as a little thankyou ;-(  My girls always do.

It won't be long before we go 'foraging again;-)