I'm still alive and kicking

Started by Mastafrank, June 12, 2024, 01:46:43 PM

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Was without internet for several weeks... Had to replace a damaged modem etc etc... Pigs is doing much better, back to his bossy self 😂

I was chatting with our neighbor who owns a gentle giant of a pitbull.. Mr pigs decided to walk right into the yard and growled at the poor pitbull 👀😆 Naturally I apologized,we both had a great laugh..

It's that time of the year again. I've signed up for my 11th year of Bluesfest... Things have calmed down the past 3 years thankfully. 

I was going to do beer tent,however, I was unable to get my beer licence online. I need proper identification

Oh well,one more hurrah with the greens shan't kill me.


So you'll be scaling the dizzy heights of the can mountain again ;-)


Yes 👍

Looking forward to smashing last year's record setting $23,944.

I've learned to take it slow and easy.theres no sense in working like a madman, especially as there are an average of 40 Greenies per shift

Neil Young and 50 cent are the only artists I'm interested in this year