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Started by Mastafrank, January 03, 2023, 12:51:34 AM

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So first of all...

Happy new year everyone 😊
I was sound asleep at 930 pm NYE.After 2 years of drudgery I found myself not giving a damn.

This new year I can look forward to a pricey dental surgery for pigs Thankfully we have a provincial non profit that'll help cover the bulk of the cost($2200-$2700)

The good news is that I've finally got proper internet at the fraction of the price.its been rather fun playing online against others.

No more sitting in the bathroom trying get someone's unlocked guest Wifi signal..

Onwards and upwards


Yes, onwards and upwards!

Sounds like you're starting off this year with a positive perspective, Frank. And you beat me.I was asleep by 9 NYE.I enjoy a good sleep, and it was time well spent.
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Spell Chick

I was up until 1 AM Jan. 1, not because I was celebrating, but because there were fireworks being shot off in my neighborhood until that time. They started around 7.30 ish.

I kept wondering how much money went up in smoke during that time.
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I went and stood outside just before midnight, so I could come back in and let the New Year in properly.  Northern English tradition dies hard.

Saw a few neighbours on their doorsteps further down the road, but not near enough to call out to, and watched plenty of fireworks.

Did the family 'Ring Around' whilst I was outdoors.  Spoke to my Sister and my two girls.  Apparently my Grandaughter was out in their back garden, doing backflips, forward dive rolls, cartwheels, and 'wowing' at every spectacular firework she saw.

Didn't walk around the estate this year, just ambled up to the corner by the flats and back again.  Previous years people have been out on the flat balconies, shouting and hollering to passers by, but not this year.  In fact most of the flats were in darkness, so they weren't even sat indoors watching the London Fireworks on TV.  (Or - writer's imagination kicks in at the most inappropriate times - they were all dead from some new killer plague and nobody has noticed yet.  This is now the third day and I've still not seen any of them.)

So I went back home, pressed my own doorbell, let myself in, said the ritual words, and ate the two oatcakes I'd left in the kitchen for myself along with a bottle of sparkling water.