Here's a little oddity for you.

Started by Gyppo, June 30, 2024, 09:55:46 PM

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Apparently Iceland, the country not the frozen food store, has an unusual dating site.

They use a website called Íslendingabók before they get 'too serious'with someone in Iceland, to check whether you are related. The population is so small that people use the site to prevent accidental incest.


Here in the UK gypsy community they rely on the older people, who know - and remember - the hidden twists in the bloodline, to give a warning if the family links are too close.  Cousins can be acceptable, but if the girl/boy you fancy is an unacknowledged sister/brother from 'the wrong side of the blanket', someone will have a quiet word with your parents and tell them to warn you off.