Eye Op Successful

Started by Gyppo, April 27, 2024, 12:25:41 PM

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Bones, a round for my fellow writers.

Following the check up I can say my eye op was a success.

The 'macular hole' has closed and my window frames and doorways are no longer pinching in towards each other.

There are still a few small floaters drifting across my vision occasionally, but nothing like the morning I opened my fridge and it seemed to be full of small fruit flies.

Another month of follow-up eyedrops still lies ahead, but after that, and a second follow-up check, I will be able to see my optician about new glasses, because the current prescription is old.  Although they work they're not quite right.

I am typing this without any major problems  and far less typos than two weeks ago.  Seeing as the text is no longer warping itself this is hardly surprising.

Not quite in the cliched 'puppy with two tails' territory yet, but probably a tail and a half ;-)

I had some truly weird visual effects for a few weeks.

Now the temporary gas bubble they pumped into my right eye has has dissipated  I have been passed as okay to swim or fly, which is a bit of a joke as neither of which loom large in my horizon right now.

One last thing...  When they gave me the Okay I phoned my daughter and told her I was going into town 'for a look around, seeing as I can now see better'.

Forgot to allow for the super-powerful eyedrops they'd put in to dilate my pupils for the retinal photography bit.  Walking along the hospital corridors, and then to the bus stop everything was very much soft focus and blurry.  (No wonder they tell you not to drive.)  Reading the bus numbers was like looking through fog.  I think I now have some idea what it must be like to be permanently  short-sighted.  Mind you, the fancy fountain at the front of the guildhall still looked lovely.

I dropped my sight seeing plans and went straight home instead.  Typed up a few notes, and went to sleep.


Jo Bannister

So glad, Gyppo.  Almost time to call it a done deal.  Well worth the bit of grief.

Midnight candle

Looking from a different angle


Bloody heck them eye drops suck...

Glad to hear of the successful surgery! Was it on both eyes or just the one?


Just the one.

The other eye still has cataracts, but they're not a major problem yet.  New glasses in a few weeks will take care of things for  few more years yet.

No shooting or knife throwing for a while yet, but it will be back.

My eldest girl booked me in for an axe throwing session as a Birthday treat, so we'll be turning up to claim that in the next couple of months once everything's settled down.



Sight update:  After the second follow up check I still have at least another six weeks of eyedrops.

The hole has properly mended, I could see that on the photos they took, but there's still a bit of pressure at he back creating a very slight 'hump'. The doc said this nothing to worry about, but suggested I hold off on getting new glasses for a bit longer.

After the initial massive improvement the final bit of recovery could take several months longer.

But I already feel much safer using a craft knife to cut leather, and similar jobs.  And the Ukulele strings are no longer blurring so much.

I was absolutely delighted to find that the horrible 'puffer' test for glaucoma has been replaced by something far less invasive, which doesn't make my eyes water for half an hour afterwards.  The little nurse was so pleased at my delight she took time to explain how it worked.  Showed me the little 'soft sensor' which 'makes minimal contact with your eyeball and you may not even feel it at all'.  Apparently that part of my test results was 'very good'.

I was also seeing well down into the bottom quarter of the eye chart, whereas before I was up in the top quarter.


Jo Bannister

All that sounds pretty satisfactory, Gyppo.  Never mind if you have to wait for the last bit of benefit - it's been well worth doing already.

You could read the top quarter of the eye chart?  Without my glasses, I can't find the eye chart.


That little eye-poking gizmo was truly fascinating.  The handle part was bigger but it reminded me of a thing I saw a car dealer using once to check the thickness of paint, and potentially body filler, on a car to check if it had been neatly repaired and repainted after a crash. 

That worked on  the same principle as an echo-sounder for finding submarines or shoals of fish. The gadget was no bigger than a thick fountain pen and gave a readout of the paint thickness in microns.  Too thick or too thin and he'd automatically knock a chunk off the trade in value of whatever you were trying to sell him.

It's fascinating what people will tell their Postie if he looks even remotely interested ;-)

Curiosity, the writer's 'superpower'.



All in all excellent news