Cringe - making spelling spelling error in advert.

Started by Gyppo, January 19, 2023, 07:23:43 PM

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    In Yoga there's a thing called the 'churning posture' which is pretty much what the name suggests, wherein you drink a pint of warm water and then churn your stomach to deal with constipation.

    But according to this snippet from an advert there is a mechanical alternative.


    'A stand mixer is a kitchen appliance that uses a motor to rotate the chosen tool (dough hook, whisk, beater, etc) in a bowel. The chosen tool will then mix the ingredients within the bowel in an efficient manner that is often better suited than mixing by hand.'

    Now there's a good reason for never buying a secondhand mixer  ;-)

    Nice to know there's a choice of tools though.

    Gyppo (Still cringing a little at the thought.)

Spell Chick

Imperfect Reason My thoughts, such as they are.


It's a surprisingly common error.  One of those which spellcheckers can't catch.