"Controlling The Narrative'. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Started by Gyppo, February 08, 2023, 12:26:36 PM

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   `Controlling The Narrative'.

   This is one of those pointless phrases which has started appearing in the news, or more specifically in follow up stories about the news.  (I'm glad I only see odd bits on you tube, or in newspaper front pages whilst out shopping.  If I had a television I would have probably put my boot through it by now.)

   The current 'big story' seems to be the front page picture of a woman who says she 'Took Prince Harry's virginity'.  She says she only went public because although he didn't name her he 'gave enough details' for anyone who knew her to work out who she was.

   Therefore, according to one of the 'talking heads' on a news review programme she felt the need to 'take control of the narrative'.

   As writer I know damned well that any narrative, once released, takes on a life of its own and wanders off to 'strut its stuff' regardless of what we thought it was going to do.  It's up to us to trim off any excesses or sideshoots long before it reaches the public eye..

   This isn't going to happen after you set it free.

   Going public with your intimacies is a sure way of creating so many different re-writings, from all the different agendas, that the 'truth' you think is important will be lost in the 'me too' shitstorm of opinions.  The feminists and the 'class warriors' are already playing with the 'titled son of the estate shagged a serf' angle.

   Now, me, old fashioned gentleman that I am, are more fascinated that the wench drives a 'digger' than her drunken romp in a wet field with a teenage prince ;-)


Jo Bannister

To all intents and purposes, "controlling the narrative" = spin.  Not a good thing, not a bad thing, just a thing.  The main thing is that those on the outside are aware of the motives of those on the inside.

Spell Chick

Harry seems to have a thing for older women. His first roll in the literal hay was with this "older woman" who is younger than his wife. She, according to the narrative I've heard, was portrayed as having taken advantage of a younger "boy". She isn't thrilled with that portrayal as it sorta sucks. So, as the Prince so often laments, she wanted to get her side of the story out there as well.
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