Eye Op done. Now recovering.

Started by Gyppo, April 11, 2024, 07:15:05 PM

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Had my eye operation on the 8th.  Very interesting experience under a local anaesthetic.

Typing is currently a tedious and typo-ridden chore, requiring much correction as right eye is like seeing the word through water.

But this, they tell me, is normal for a while, and there were no complications.

As the pictures show I look like an Odinist who has taken things a bit too far.

The Pirate's Eye Chart was sent by a female cousin who shares the family sense of humour.  (Not sure why there's two copies of this, and can't be fussed to tidy it up.

As always, click to enlarge if you feel crazy enough.


Midnight candle

That's great news. Take it easy - unless the Odinist within you wants to pillage and plunder while you get better. Seriously though, nice work.

Looking from a different angle

Jo Bannister

Excellent news.  Better behind you than in front.  Best of luck with the recovery.


I'm happy to hear this ❤️

Bloody heck dude,now you look bad ass 😅

But seriously, once your eye heals you'll be right as rain