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Started by Spell Chick, December 17, 2017, 11:23:36 AM

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There's a dark legacy all over the damned place.  Some fuses just rot and become safe, others undergo a chemical change and become become more sensitive and dangerous with age.

Ammunition in bulk is relatively safe, otherwise it would be too dangerous to transport around.

Generally speaking the 'higher' the explosive the more difficult it is to initiate the explosion.  Whereas old fashioned gunpowder - which all boys of my generation knew how to make at home - will explode with a spark or a naked flame.

'Nukes' on the other hand are incredibly well engineered and difficult to explode without a lot of other conditions being met first.  All of which have to happen in a very tight time span.

If one gets lost and breaks up the radiation could be a killer, but it's unlikely to explode. Not much comfort if you happen to live near a 'missing' one, but it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Time to change the subject I think.


Bones,I'll do anything for a piping hot lemon tea,I'm shivering 🥶🥶

Gyppo,if I had the money,I'd love to embark on a lengthy battle field tour.ive always been interested in both world wars.

Spell Chick

Getting up in the 80s again today. Sorry you are cold, Frank.
It was chilly yesterday, only getting to 72.

I may get my bike out of moth balls and take a ride today.
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All good now,must've been a 24 hour bug...

Currently under my toasty blanket 😃

Spell Chick

I did manage to get out on my bike. It turned into a beautiful afternoon.
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I woke up feeling cold today.  This is unusual for me, regardless of the room or outdoor temperature.  The bungalow wasn't, nor was the day outside.  It was me.

This happens occasionally so I drank a lot of hot drinks and ate my food and by evening I was warmed up again.

This used to happen to Mum sometimes, and she was another generally hardy soul who shrugged of low temperatures  as 'It's cold, but I'm not'.

The trouble is it seems to slow our brains down as well.  I hate feeling like this.

Apparently one of my ancestors - the (in)famous Aunt Polly - was always cold, no matter what.  It didn't stop her just getting on with her life, but she'd be shivering when everyone else was sweating and grumbling.

Maybe I'm getting old.


Jo Bannister


I'm fine again today.

Nice to know that I'm not the only one with an extensive vocabulary who sometimes falls back on 'nah' or similar ;-)


Glad you're back to normal today, Gyppo. Around here we call that 'catching a chill', and there's no shaking it when it hits. It's like the cold has seeped into your bones for the day.

Speaking of - Bones? Where have you been hiding?
If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner.
Tallulah Bankhead

Spell Chick

I am getting old, no question about it.

I've also been inching up on the scale. I don't look or feel different and my clothes fit the same, but I finally called Craig and asked if just a month of heavier lifting could have added a pound or two of muscle. He assured me it could. I wanted to know whether I should alter my eating, although I had been eating the same as always. He said not to. So, even as an old fart, I can improve and grow in a direction I want instead of the direction I don't want.

Bones, since I can: Eggs, bacon, half an English muffin with peanut butter spread thin, and of course, a cup of coffee with cream. My usual workout breakfast. Thanks.
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Quote from: Laura on March 03, 2023, 11:52:49 AMSpeaking of - Bones? Where have you been hiding?

Bones is still around. but only puts in an appearance when he's called.

He assures me he's been 'busy out the back', stocktaking with his lady skeleton Shakira.  I'm not sure there's much work getting done.

Spell Chick

We have been going out to lunch every Friday. I look for restaurants we have never visited and we give them a try.

Baker's BBQ was the venue today. Pulling into the parking lot, I was sure I had made a terrible mistake. This was going to be horrific. It was a garden center that served food. We followed arrows to the inside back part of one of the buildings. There were several choices and you ordered the food and the could take it home or eat there, if you chose. It seemed most people were getting take out.

We were there and so we ordered. I was so impressed. There was more food than I could eat. I got brisket with a mustard dipping sauce and broccoli salad that was simply marvelous. Dick got pulled pork and BBQ sauce along with green beans. I couldn't finish all my food and brought the rest home.

After we finished eating in an enclosed spot, next to a waterfall fountain and surrounded by picnic tables and thriving green plants, I went back in to tell the people inside exactly how impressed I was with my meal and how I simply couldn't wait to bring friends in for some real Southern Hospitality.

I was sure it was a mistake. It most certainly was not. It was absolutely lip smackingly wonderful. I've been here 18 years and never knew the place existed. I do now and am better for knowing that.
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Spell Chick

I have been working at back squats for about a month and a half now. I was having a really hard time at the beginning, but I've kept working.

This week's rep scheme was 4-3-2-1
I did them at 65-75-85 and then amazingly 95 pounds.

Saturday, we were eating with all the old farts after the Shamrock Shuffle. An even older woman (85) was sitting next to me and said something about how I might hurt myself with the 3# weights I use for Silver Sneakers stuff because I move so much with them. I told her I had lifted up 125# just a few days before and last week I squatted 90 pounds. I wasn't going to hurt myself. She blinked a few times and then said she knew I was fit, but ...

I have no idea why I find this crap fun. It shouldn't be. But for me, it is.
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Dang it Patti 😅

You make us Yung uns look bad 😂

My UK friend is possibly coming to Canada next year 😃 it will be nice to me her son,we share the same genetic oopsie....

Also, should I ever make my way to England,I was told Bath was a better place to book as it's far cheaper than London. I'd love to visit stone henge as well

Spell Chick

It would be so fun to see some people from England. I think they may actually be chimeras
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