Uncalled for acceptance

Started by geoffnelder, April 10, 2021, 01:19:37 PM

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I hastily wrote a blog last night about something I see on our regular walks here in our new home in Manchester, England. Eammon Murphy (reviewer and editor)  liked it so much he's asked to syndicate to his Alt History Magazine! Here's the blog https://geoffnelder.com/the-garricks-head/


Thoroughly enjoyed that, Geoff.  Like a lot of great actors it looks as if he had a fairly 'neutral' face  'offstage' which would have let him portray many parts.   Very useful for a working actor. Those with particularly striking features tend to become type-cast.

Thanks for posting this.


Jo Bannister

Excellent, Geoff!  Just goes to show, even in this business, not all luck is bad luck!