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Started by indar9, February 04, 2022, 08:28:45 PM

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I started writing about my experiences as a butter sculptor in 2018 but dropped the ball. This past summer I completed my 50th and final year as the butter sculptor for the Minnesota State Fair. There was so much attention paid to the event that several national media covered it. As a result, I was introduced to a publisher who offered to publish the book by a traditional agreement. She would foot all the costs and I would receive 10 percent royalties.

Part way through the work that still needed to be done I looked into another option she offered: hybrid publishing. I'll include the link below should anyone be interested in that arrangement. I decided to change to that option.

My book is in production and is being offered for presales. Because there is a large dairy community in Minnesota and I've been at it for so long, orders are coming in. I'm kind of overwhelmed. Here is a link to the book on the publisher's website:


and here is the link to the home page with information on publishing options:


I have acquired an overwhelming respect for those of you who regularly publish books.