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Started by Joe Mynhardt, August 27, 2021, 07:32:40 PM

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Joe Mynhardt

Out now from Kevin Lucia and Crystal Lake Publishing:

At the edge of the Adirondacks, an ancient malevolence descends upon the quiet town of Pleasant Brook, setting the stage for a chilling battle between the forgotten and an unstoppable evil.
Standing resolutely in its shadow is an unlikely alliance—the remnants, the forgotten, the outcasts, and the underestimated. As the malevolence swells, they emerge as the town's last bastion of defense, its only hope against an ancient, remorseless force that brooks no resistance.
Yet, how can they hope to prevail against a power so ancient, so pitiless, so inexorable? The town of Pleasant Brook becomes the battleground for a confrontation between humanity's resilience and an evil beyond imagination.

"Kevin Lucia paints in blood and dances in the viscera in a terrorized small town. Chilling and non-stop, horrifying in the best kind of way. Forget Halloween movies and pick up The Horror at Pleasant Brook instead." —NYT bestselling author Tosca Lee

Prepare for a chilling journey into the heart of darkness with this horror novel that will grip fans of Stephen King, and Robert R. McCammon. Delve into a world of creeping dread, small-town enigmas, and suspense-laden horror that will keep you riveted from the very first page.
Discover the sinister secrets of The Horror at Pleasant Brook, a gripping addition to the pantheon of horror books and novels. Dive into the depths of horror fiction that will haunt your nightmares and captivate fans of horror and suspense books.

"The story has tones of H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King with characters and a setting that played out like a classic John Carpenter film."—Morbidly Beautiful

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Joe Mynhardt

It's book launch day!

Discover the untold mysteries of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in Sherlock Holmes and the Arcana of Madness, a trilogy that unveils three captivating cases intertwined with the mystical allure of tarot cards, designed by the renowned, yet infamous artist, Richard Dadd.

A collection of manuscripts, meticulously penned by John H. Watson M.D., is unearthed in 2019 amidst the restoration of Broadmoor Hospital, found inexplicably in the grave of Richard Dadd. The manuscripts' concealed journey and their remaining unpublished raise a myriad of questions, enveloping them in a veil of mystery.

This trilogy, comprising of:
"A Promise of Blades" by John Linwood Grant
"The Adventure of the Tarot Card Prophecies" by Angela Yuriko Smith
and "The Riddle of the Red Tower" by Naching T. Kassa
...invites readers into the enigmatic world of prophecy, art, and the supernatural, with each tale bound by the common thread of Dadd's mystical tarot cards.

Join Holmes and Watson as they traverse through the realms of the arcane, encounter enigmatic entities, and battle the forces of darkness, in their quest to unravel the secrets of the Arcana and to shed light on the shadows of madness. Whether a seasoned aficionado of detective tales, a seeker of arcane-infused mysteries, or a newcomer to the legendary detective duo's adventures, Sherlock Holmes and the Arcana of Madness promises a journey through suspense, intrigue, and intellectual exploration.

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Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.
Crystal Lake Publishing - Tales from the Darkest Depths.


Congratulations, Joe!

Your publishing company os crushing it. In today's lingo, that's awesome.
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Joe Mynhardt

Thank you. Yeah, can't believe how well things have turned out. The next year is going to be absolutely amazing. Just did an art book with Joe R. Lansdale, as well. So many great things to come.
Crystal Lake Publishing - Tales from the Darkest Depths.


Hey, Joe.  Does the Ghost of Bloemfontein occasionally wander by with his rolled towel under one arm and smile at you?   If not, he should do ;-)