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Alien Exit

Started by geoffnelder, July 12, 2020, 06:34:55 PM

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My first science fiction novel was Exit, Pursued by a Bee published by Double Dragon in 2008. It won the P&E award and a few minor stuff but the publishing house is closing. Rather than let all those words evaporate into space, a friend persuaded me to self-publish it with Amazon KDP. There are tools to help though I have little stamina these days for small print and a million options. I suppose I could keep the same title but it might confuse because of the millions of second hand copies around (ha ha). So besides revising the text, adding acknowledgements, review quotes etc I changed the name to Alien Exit. So there it is, ebook only, less than three dollars. If you've not tried it before here's the cheeky blurb:
Alien Exit is driven by a feisty female astronaut, a Palaeolithic mongrel called Kur, Glastonbury Festival chaos, steamy sex in space, a loose-cannon journalist and a mad-cap general. All to overcome time-quakes created when aliens depart Earth.
ebook only – universal Amazon link


Best of luck, Geoff.

I have a few stories on KDP and have gotten very little traction. I'm not good at marketing and my sales show it.  :)


That's cool, Geoff, I hope it's a great success. Cheeky, indeed :)
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Best of luck with it, Geoff


Thanks all.
A dozen sales in the first few days but not a peep since.