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Started by Mark Hoffmann, January 03, 2018, 09:32:07 PM

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Mark Hoffmann

Trip advisor

My advice:
Don't stop and glare
and blame the hitch
like it was sentient
and waiting to get ya.

My advice:
Don't brazen it out
as if waking with a foot
strapped to your arse
is your normal gait.

My advice:
If you do fall
then do it well. Tuck a shoulder
forward roll
end with a flourish
     star jump.

My advice (five stars):
Pick your bloody feet up.
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Great advice.

And not so hard to do once you've got the hang of it.
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Mark H, star observer of human behavior. I admit I still am inclined, when I trip, to look back accusingly at the tree root that made me do it. Fun observation.


 ;D from my part of the woods, we say it this way. If an old man trips, he looks back to see how he had come while a foolish youngster rushes ahead.....and possibly trips again.


I'd skip the star jump, but the roll is good ;-)  This advice is for life in general, not the construction of the poem.

Made me smile.