Started by Old Man, January 22, 2018, 02:08:58 AM

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Old Man

The sandman comes to our house at night

and fills Wynkin and Blykin before daylight

when Nod wakes up to his surprise

he has sand in both of his eyes

He has fished all night in a sea of stars

caught lolly pops, and candy bars

he was running around and flying a kite

the old moon laughed, when he saw this sight

The sandman leaves not making a noise

then he travels on to other girls and boys

the old moon goes back into the sky

Woodson wakes up with a great big sigh

There was no lolly pops or candy bars

while he was fishing among the stars

the old moon wasn't laughing or singing  a riddle

but the Sandman was dancing and playing his fiddle