Bongg! (experiment in sound and images)

Started by Granda, January 09, 2019, 02:51:05 AM

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BONGGG! An experiment in sound and images. (hopefully?)

BONGGG . . .!
BONGGG . . .!
BONGGG . . .!

Like the death knell bell,
BONGGG! went the mell.


His sinewy muscles
never bulge,
yet swing the hammer
he does.


Fourteen be' Nine,
Fifteen be' Eleven,
Who can
even tell?


The muscled man tires, his arms feel like lead.
All he wants is shift's end, then home, a meal and his bed.


Meanwhile he endures, till his marra spells him.
Sits on a chock,
gets another breath in.


The Stage Loader goes, WEEE-OO WEEE-OO-WEE-OO,
slow and then


SHOOSH SHOOSH SHOOSH! As the coal teems off the Panzer, under the Canch.


After the hits,
the miner sits.
Muscle SPASMS, Deaths chasm. . .


The Wellie's finally
on the end of the leg.
It's lifted up, and
stretched overhead.
Eager hands grab it,
guide it into place. Four bolts are tightened, and another girder's placed at the mouth of the Coalface.

Comments welcome as ever.

My heart (and the rest of me) belongs to the Northeast of England.


I'm about to have Movie Night with the boys. When we're done, I'll have to look up the terms I'm unfamiliar with. I'm guessing this is about a coal miner, no?

The sound effects work if it's what I think it is.
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Sorry for the late reply Deb. RL always interferes when we least want it to.

I knew this one would cause problems.
I put the breaks in so you could maybe visualise the pendulum sweep of the mell as it arcs thru the air.
By the way, a mell is what you over the ponders call a sledgehammer.
When we set girders in the roadways that follow the coalfaces as they advanced, we supported the roof with an arch girder, and two legs underneath.
These were connected by plates of steel that had to be bolted together.
Sometimes to ease the pressure on the girders, thereby making the roof settle less quickly, wellies or leg extensions had to be hammered onto the leg-ends.
Hence the BONGGG sound.
And it was like the death bell knell.

Hope that explains it a bit more.
But of course, if I'd worded it better, there'd be no reason to need the above. para. Ayy?  :)
My heart (and the rest of me) belongs to the Northeast of England.