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Word Play / Re: The last person to post he...
Last post by Mastafrank - Today at 06:41:46 PM
Rather handy to have.

Especially now that everyone's posting about flat shares etc

Some of the horror stories from London's subreddit are insane

Ie cot in a walk in closet goes for £1100 😱
The Bar & Grill / A WTF moment.
Last post by Gyppo - Today at 05:56:57 PM
   A WTF moment.

   A few years back my Eldest and I were in  the waiting room at the hospital outpatients department.  One of my visits for some scan or other, and she was my driver.  We'd logged in and were waiting to be called.

   Every now and then a nurse or doctor with a clipboard would appear through the swinging doors and summon the next patient.

   Our hospitals have long since stopped using Miss or Mrs, and tend to avoid the Ms prefix as well.  It's the same with the men, you just get your name with no prefix.

   "Frances Coe."

   We both jumped as if shot.  That's my female character, as many of you will know.  You don't expect to hear names spawned in your writer's imagination attached to real world people.

   Getting no obvious response the nurse called again, checked with the receptionist.  Daughter and I were bending our necks like a pair of prairie dogs, looking for a short dark haired woman with green eyes.  Well-established characters become part of the family and often get mentioned like friends.

   The toilet door opened and a very tall old man, dressed in a countryman's tweeds, walking with two sticks, came out, moving slowly towards the nurse.  (If I ever want to create an ancient Laird or similar he'd make a good starting template.)

   After he spoke to the nurse and they vanished through the doors my daughter spoke.

   "A Francis rather than a Frances.  What's the odds on him being here at the same time as us?"

Word Play / Re: Association Un-Plus - Asso...
Last post by Gyppo - Today at 04:46:08 PM
Word Play / Re: Association un-un-plus - n...
Last post by Gyppo - Today at 04:44:11 PM
Word Play / Re: The last person to post he...
Last post by Gyppo - Today at 04:40:12 PM
Patti:  No need for confusion.  It's small enough to fit on some surfaces, unless you have wall cabinets which sit too low, although probably not in most modern flats with kitchen cabinets on the wall.  When I used it the thing was stacked on top of my fridge, both being tucked away in a corner.

I replaced it with a taller one when I started doing more cooking for myself.  The bigger replacement now sits underneath my fridge, in the same corner.  All properly wired in and very handy.  Looks a bit like one of those tall fridge/freezer units, and set on runners so I can pull it forward from the wall if I need to work on it, or clean up any spills which run underneath.

Frank:  If I really can't shift it there are a couple of local charities who re-furbish and sell furniture and appliances.  At least that would see it going to a good home instead of just being scrapped.

But I'll carry on trying to sell it for bit longer yet.  It's not taking up that much room.

Just so you can both see the size, compared to a washing machine here's a picture.

Word Play / Re: Change a letter
Last post by Gyppo - Today at 04:20:20 PM
Word Play / Re: Simple word game - new wor...
Last post by Gyppo - Today at 04:19:10 PM
Word Play / Re: Word association
Last post by Gyppo - Today at 04:18:18 PM
Word Play / Re: Conjoining Words
Last post by Jo Bannister - Today at 02:54:36 PM
Sea King helicopter
Word Play / Re: Word association
Last post by Jo Bannister - Today at 02:54:00 PM