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Before you click on the link, be warned. The following op Ed contains frequent typos and jumbled thinking

I struggled to read the whole thing lol
The Bar & Grill / We've got a lively new neighbor
January 23, 2024, 11:31:00 PM
For those of you who knew me way back when. You remember the shenanigans I dealt with in the old place?

Well, I fear it's our floors turn to deal with a character. Two weeks after he's moved in,he's broken down his own door. Visitors that come and go all bleeping night. Im on other end and I can still hear the damned buggers.

We do have security cameras on every floor thankfully..

I just worry some dealer might kick in my elderly neighbors door by mistake..

End rant

The Bar & Grill / Pigs surgery
November 09, 2023, 02:30:19 AM
My oh my, owning a dog is pricey😱

During last year's wellness exam it was brought to my attention that the dog had a cracked molar. Today was the big day. I'm happy to report that pigs did very well.. Upon waking up, I was told he barked nonstop, looking for me 😞

He was very drunk,until we got home. He sobered up quickly after a meal

Altogether it cost me $1700 plus a $1000 grant from the Farley foundation. The manager of the clinic and I have arranged a payment plan to pay off the final $660... $3300 😱

Must be nice to bill per 10 minutes lol

Our pets are worth every penny spent

The Bar & Grill / Chatgpt and novel ideas
February 26, 2023, 01:40:40 PM

What will become of the old school writers?

Nowadays just type in a subject and presto,here's an outline for your chapters

I personally find it's an excellent source of writing prompts. So far it's given me better concret ideas than my old'writing books for dummies ' guide.

Obviously I still need to do all the work as the program isn't sentient enough to write a whole novel based off one lil prompt
Our infamous McDonald's is finally closing

I'm so happy yet sad at the same time lol
The Bar & Grill / I'm back...
January 03, 2023, 12:51:34 AM
So first of all...

Happy new year everyone 😊
I was sound asleep at 930 pm NYE.After 2 years of drudgery I found myself not giving a damn.

This new year I can look forward to a pricey dental surgery for pigs Thankfully we have a provincial non profit that'll help cover the bulk of the cost($2200-$2700)

The good news is that I've finally got proper internet at the fraction of the price.its been rather fun playing online against others.

No more sitting in the bathroom trying get someone's unlocked guest Wifi signal..

Onwards and upwards

My dog LOVES vegetables Whenever I purchase any carrots,apples,or beans I have to buy extra,else the dog will eat my supplies...

Even if I hide everything, Pigs will bark non stop until I relent and give him what he desires...

Keeps him quiet  at least
The Bar & Grill / Wake me up when september ends...
September 18, 2022, 02:12:10 AM
This month has been an utter shitshow,I need to vent,sorry.

Last week Pigs,my dog,got very sick.Turns out his scent glands became infected.Had to bring him to the emergency vet etc.

He's doing  much better now...

Yesterday,my phone started blowing up with frantic pleas to call Denis' mother.I knew something awful had happened..

Denis is one of 3 people that got stabbed.they caught the fucker thankfully...Sadly  his good friend died..if it where Denis that had died,I'm quiet sure I'd end up in a psych ward...

Fuck me,I can't wait for this cursed poopshow of a year to piss off

The Bar & Grill / Kaboom!!
September 04, 2022, 08:33:52 AM
Fantastic light show tonight...

Note: this is a stabilized copy of my original shaky video
The Bar & Grill / Crafty pigeons are at it again...
June 08, 2022, 03:55:22 AM
I recently purchased a solar light string for my balcony.Didnt take long for the pigeons to unwind half of it 🤨.. they are trying to brighten the nest....

Theyve laid one egg thus far,looking forward to baby chicks

January 28th-31st the 'freedom convoy started arriving ahead of a protest against mandatory vaccines for cross border trucking...

It's devolved into an utter shit show...urinating and crapping all over the place. Desecrating our flags,and memorials etc

No matter which side you support 16 hours of honking is psychological warfare...

Our police chief has proven to be quite incompetent. Yesterday they finally removed some of the occupiers colored diesel..

A private citizen/lawyer took it upon herself  to go before the court to get an injunction against further Honking,we won...

The occupiers have multiple Zello channels so people could radio in messages of support, which backfired.Trolls started spamming them with Ram Ranch

18 naked cowboys in the shower at ram ranch

The Bar & Grill / It's been a Topsy Turvey month
November 26, 2021, 03:35:22 AM
As I briefly mentioned several days ago,my mother has been the hospital with Covid.Rather than spam other subs Ive created this sub..

3 days after finally being admitted to the ICU,mom had to be airlifted to Vancouver's COVID ward. She spent four days in a medically induced coma,on a ventilator.Yesterday they where able to bring her awake.

I just received an update that tomorrow they will run a test to determine if she can breathe on her own, currently recieving 30% oxygen assistance..

Mom was wary of the COVID vaccine as she's allergic to certain preservatives used in vaccine manufacturing...After what she's been through these side effects must be mild in comparison...

I will keep you updated
The Bar & Grill / I ate the forbidden fruit today
August 25, 2021, 06:59:22 AM

My highrise shares a fence with a local church.Myself and others always assumed that the grapevine was wild as it's never been maintained...

Yesterday a tenant harvested a full box of grapes from our side.I went out and collected 3 freezer bags of grapes on the other side...
Le wild Karen appears....
When asked what I was doing I simply said I was collecting grapes for neighbors.I was then admonished for trespassing on private property,how dare I steal communion wine grapes blah blah blah...She took my 3 large freezer bags of grapes... Jokes on her cuz I had hidden a 4th bag that was even fuller..

I guess the blood of Christ isn't for us regular peasants
I naively thought I'd be there for an hour ::)

Hahaha...I was in pre-op for 4 hours,I was starting to feel cranky since I hadn't drunk or eaten anything since the previous night...

When the Nurse installed the IV port she missed the vein and had to wiggle the needle out  :o good thing I'm not squeamish lol.She was extra gentle when deforesting my trunk area thankfully...

Post surgery I woke up without feeling hungover thankfully,was realeased at 7:30 pm

I've noticed pigs personality change with age,he no longer lunges at (any) Huge dogs.More and more he tends to sleep in the bedroom as I'm in the living room. He's always been the independent sort unlike his sibling bush.Bush is extremely anxious if Mike's not in his line of site...

Pigs is now terrified of lightning  ???
Last Sunday I was up all night consoling the poor baby ::)

On the plus side we visit his first dad and Bush once a week, the boys snuggle up and go to sleep...

Edit: He's terrified of cats ;D

The Bar & Grill / Franks expensive mistake
June 17, 2020, 12:09:14 AM
I decided, just for fun to grow some marijuana on my balcony..I ordered seeds through the Government supplier.I paid $50 for 4 very tiny seeds..only two germinated only to be destroyed by the cold windy weather.

Had my plants survived to harvest,I'd only have gotten a paltry 4 grams :(
The Bar & Grill / Hello, it's been a while :)
March 12, 2020, 01:05:19 AM
Well I'm alive,Spent the entire month of February sick with a damned unforgettable sinus cold.Pigs was all the more happy to remain indoors, only venturing outside for 5 minutes.

I finally have a set date for my hernia surgery ;)

The damned TP hoarding craze has arrived here in Ottawa,I hope they enjoy eating it when they run out of groceries....

There's a Kruger plant just across the river,why buy when you can steal.....I'm joking :o
The Bar & Grill / It's over, finally over!!
January 08, 2020, 12:57:04 AM
The Holidays are over..... Finally 8)

Dog and I ate and drank too much :D

Spent $130 on 11 kilos of Prime Rib :o I had so much I gave some away...

Enjoy the Pictures
This year marked 25 years since Bluesfest started...

I got to watch Buddy Guy,Back street boys,Eric Church,Pussy Riot and last but most definitely my favorite Ashley MacIsaac ;D

Other than 3 weather evacs(I wasn't there) the only downside was a certain volunteer harrassing myself and others.. Naturally when I told him to shut it the supervisor told me to stop acting like a child...

So after talking to the big boss I ended up helping him clean up the two smaller stages and left early each night ;D

I still have 3 festivals with green team this year.

Next year I'll be going back home to inventory Control ;)