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The Bar & Grill / Re: BWF Bar and Grill
July 17, 2024, 11:49:56 PM
And Bluesfest is over 👏👏

Always look on the bright side of life ❤️

The Bar & Grill / Re: BWF Bar and Grill
July 15, 2024, 06:03:09 AM
Quote from: Gyppo on July 15, 2024, 04:46:00 AMDamn.  4-30 am fidgets again.

Time to sit out and read for a while, then go back to bed.

Don't think the neighbours would appreciate me rampaging around out the front with the hedge trimmer just yet.   Pity, it would be mice and cool  ;-)


I doubt the mice would find it cool 😂.. have you any lemon juice available?

Make yourself a honey lemon tea
The Bar & Grill / Re: BWF Bar and Grill
July 11, 2024, 09:12:34 PM
Laura, it pales in comparison to last year's event lol
The Bar & Grill / Re: BWF Bar and Grill
July 11, 2024, 08:29:27 AM
Bones my good man! I'll have an IPA to go,please and thank you 😁

First week of Bluesfest has come to an end ... 50 cent,jelly roll,and maroon 5 are my faves so far...

I made a short video of the team and I 😁

I've got some last minute editing to do before uploading the official video
Yes 👍

Looking forward to smashing last year's record setting $23,944.

I've learned to take it slow and easy.theres no sense in working like a madman, especially as there are an average of 40 Greenies per shift

Neil Young and 50 cent are the only artists I'm interested in this year
I think Alma's found herself a new challenge 👍 great way to learn patience 😘
The Bar & Grill / I'm still alive and kicking
June 12, 2024, 01:46:43 PM
Was without internet for several weeks... Had to replace a damaged modem etc etc... Pigs is doing much better, back to his bossy self 😂

I was chatting with our neighbor who owns a gentle giant of a pitbull.. Mr pigs decided to walk right into the yard and growled at the poor pitbull 👀😆 Naturally I apologized,we both had a great laugh..

It's that time of the year again. I've signed up for my 11th year of Bluesfest... Things have calmed down the past 3 years thankfully. 

I was going to do beer tent,however, I was unable to get my beer licence online. I need proper identification

Oh well,one more hurrah with the greens shan't kill me.

The Bar & Grill / Re: Has Patti deserted us?
June 12, 2024, 01:36:39 PM
She's around some where... I still get the odd post from here
The Bar & Grill / Re: Eye Op Successful
June 03, 2024, 11:20:22 PM
All in all excellent news
Apologies for making everyone worry.   

The vet suspects that pigs pulled a muscle 😂 I am ready to give up on the poor dog😅
The Bar & Grill / Blast from the past!
May 05, 2024, 09:38:34 AM
Using the internet archives Wayback site I was able to view archived pages of our old site 😯

Way back from 2013

Topics included

Me talking about Bluesfest lol..Siobhan wondering were in hell was our Frogg. Gyppos daughters participating in a 100 k walk

It's kinda pain in the ass to navigate. I recommend copy and pasting the following link into the archives search bar

PS Distant sun.... I do hope she is well...Gayle is another one 😭
Vet is off sick... appointment rescheduled for next week
3 years with his lil bro and first dad 9 years 6 months with me... I can't complain. The dog was dressed better than I and he ate like a king 😆

While 12 years is the average lifespan of dogs,his breed could live up to 17. No telling what his quality of life would be like though
The Bar & Grill / Re: Eye Op Successful
April 29, 2024, 08:19:17 AM
Bloody heck them eye drops suck...

Glad to hear of the successful surgery! Was it on both eyes or just the one?
The Bar & Grill / Sad news to share regarding pigs
April 29, 2024, 08:15:51 AM
He has entered his final days..

While his appetite remains voracious he has refused water. I've had to moisten his kibble to keep him hydrated.

It's been 10 days now. I've gone through an exhaustive list of remedies and what ifs. He refuses to leave my apartment.he is unable to navigate stairs. Please note that he is not in pain. It would be unfair to dump him at the local shelter. Pigs is 12,he was a good dog,he deserves nothing but the very best..

Euthanasia is scheduled for wednesday