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Like Goldfinger being squeezed out through the porthole of the plane in the Bond movie.
Word Play / Re: Word association
Today at 01:26:43 PM

A threat is a multi-purposed thing.  It can be a straight forward declaration of intent, such as "I'm gonna knock your block off!".  Or it can be a polite warning to someone who is threatening you, such as "You really don't want do this."
Word Play / Re: Change a letter
Today at 01:05:34 PM
Word Play / Re: Change a letter
Today at 07:33:29 AM
Word Play / Re: Word association
July 16, 2024, 11:08:14 PM
Word Play / Re: Change a letter
July 16, 2024, 11:06:13 PM

(An Otter's den.)
'twitcher'.  It's one species of naturalist anyway
Word Play / Re: Change a letter
July 16, 2024, 05:03:49 PM
Word Play / Re: Word association
July 16, 2024, 05:02:53 PM
"On the twelfth day of Christmas
my Boss he sent to me
twelve razors razing
and a partridge in a pair tree."
Word Play / Re: Change a letter
July 16, 2024, 01:45:43 PM
    'Damning with faint praise ' is rarely used in these days of extremes, where everything is either 'Wow' or 'Sh*t', usually backed up by some kind of irritating emoji symbol

    My milkman, who is an incurable optimist, often leaves free samples on my doorstep which his firm seem to think I will enjoy, and then be moved to add to my regular order.  I can't recall the last time this worked, but it was several years ago.

    Today I found a small bottle, with one of those irritating 'sports caps', for people who are comforted by sucking on a teat, or lack the intelligence or co-ordination to unscrew a threaded cap, hold it safely, drink, and then replace it, containing something called pro hydrate.  On the label it was described as 'berry flavoured'.  No specific berry mind you.  Just something vaguely generic.

    One of the many fashionable 'flavoured waters' presumably

    It is the most utterly inoffensive thing I have ever tasted.

    Even a glass of tap water has more flavour.

    It hardly even tastes of wet.

    But let's be fair.  Let's keep this in perspective.  If I was lying on The Ridgeway on a blazing Summer's day, waiting for rescue with a broken leg, it would be preferable to drinking  my own urine ;-)



  Is it just me, or is this modern world totally insane?  Okay, I've had a beard more or less non-stop since reaching eighteen, when it grew thick and fast enough not to be mistaken for simply 'missing a shave'.  So I'm not in the market for a razor.

    But, on today's Prime Specials there was this, which seriously blew my mind.

Braun Series Series 9 PRO+ Electric Shaver, SmartCare Center, Wet & Dry, 9465cc, Graphite 
Prime Day Deal 
-58%     £22499
RRP £539.99

Obviously the missing decimal point which makes it look as if it costs nearly twenty two and a half thousand pounds is an error.

But with a recommended retail price of £539.99 I am still shocked.  Even at the special offer prices I wouldn't be tempted.  It's only a few pounds short of the most I've ever paid for a fully functional and far more interesting second-hand motorcycle.

I bet my BSA Road Rocket produced even closer shaves too.  Just not every day ;-)