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Started by Gyppo, July 08, 2022, 05:58:57 PM

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Four feet from my back door
two pigeons have built a nest,
in my Fire Maple.
Deep thick leaf cover,
nothing to betray it
save a few dropped sticks,
and an increasing lime-splatter
on the paving slab below

Two baby pigeons, spiky headed
like hair-gelled punks,
parent birds busy feeding them.
The young sit tight and low,
heads barely visible.

Difficult to photograph,
without trimming the tree a bit,
which would expose them too much,
to hunting Magpies or Crows.

So I watch what I can,
speaking to them softly,
stood below in dappled shadows.
Mummy Pigeon 'Coos' back at me,
a gentle sound with no alarm.

Their 'spikes' have softened,
they perch on the edge of the nest.
'Sitting out.'
Not yet ready for flight,
but flapping their still-stubby wings,
feeling out the air around them,
the larger world soon to be theirs.


If there's any sign of them rebuilding the nest next year I'll try to get a web camera up there before the eggs are laid.  It's within stepladder reach, but I discovered the nest too late to risk disturbing them this time.

Midnight candle

I could see it all. Nice work, Gyppo.
Looking from a different angle