NaPo 2021 Invitation

Started by indar9, March 29, 2021, 11:12:46 PM

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You are invited to celebrate National Poetry Month (April) at The Tangled Branch. Join fellow
writers in the NaPo Challenge – to write a poem a day during the month of April -- 30 poems in 30
We write and post our poems on the Tangled Branch Poetry Site – each writer has their own thread
for their poems. You have access to all of the writers' works for reading enjoyment. But there is
no critiquing - only encouragement. You will be rubbing elbows with writers of various skill levels.
And you will be participating in what folks born during the Truman Administration would call the
literary equivalent of "A Happening."
Join the challenge – post your poems, share the experience with the other writers. There will be some
who succeed with 30 poems for the month, there will those who share 5 or 12 or 21 poems -- all
levels of participation are welcomed and encouraged.
Log on:
If you are a returning writer, you are familiar with how this works. You retain your user name and
password. There are some new features this year, including a poetry prompts thread, and [drum roll]
a Zoom Poetry Reading later in the month.
If this is your first time, you are in for a wonderful experience. To get started, log on to the site, and
then click the big red "Join Us" button near the top. Then just follow the instructions. You will need
to pick out your user name and a password. Let me know if you need asssistance.
It would be a good idea for you to log on before April begins so you can open your topic/thread and
[re] familiarize yourself with navigating the site.
So join us at the Tangled Branch to celebrate the value, beauty and meaning poetry brings to our
You know in your heart this is the best possible thing you will do in April.
The Tangled Branch


I'm passing this on via PM.
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