Chiro Lady

Started by Gyppo, June 13, 2023, 03:55:38 PM

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The Chiro Lady

After she'd finished I noticed her hands.
Small, but with definite knuckles,
dense muscle between them,
and leathery palms.

"You've got martial artist's hands."

"No-one's ever called them that before, 
but I used to be.  Quite good at it.
Now I'm a rock-climber."

"Ah...  I can picture that,
hand-jammed into a crack
or locked around a tiny spur."

So, as well as being a bit more flexible,
I've now got a new metaphor,
usefully filed in my writer's brain,
waiting for a suitable storyline.

Rock Climber's hands.



Gotta hand it to you, I can relate, though, due to my local demographics, couldn't help but think, Churro lady.

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