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Started by indar9, January 20, 2022, 09:16:25 PM

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They sling the gate open on the way out
shout to the horse stamping in the paddock
run like hell
don't have time to get the dog in the car
tell their screaming seven-year-old
Sasha will be fine
sleep on cots in the school gym
four nights until the hot spots are out
when they return
Sasha waits for them in the ash
and blackened appliances
her usual place in the kitchen
the horse is standing by the water trough

Mark Hoffmann

Sorry, but I can't get past the fact they left the dog. I'm not seeing anything but that and it kills any empathy or sympathy I may have felt in relation to their situation.
Writing humour is the hardest thing since sliced bread.

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The sorrow was to have been for the dog and by extension all the animals people keep in wildfire areas. The real ending to many of the stories is far more gruesome. This is also to be about a far larger issue because there's no one to get the hawks out of the exploding eucalyptus on time or the Koalas out of the forests. I finished on a less horrible note because life persists. As a Californian I have to have hope. OK off the soapbox. Thanks for looking in on this one Mark, I know you are an animal rights advocate and hooray for that.