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There once was a dwarf from Manassas
with a bad case of xanthomatosis
They sucked it all out
then Tim – a boy scout
Poet's Corner / Dissension Rebellion
« Last post by Dylan di Vilde on Today at 09:02:10 AM »

They want to make us change our ways
by blocking roads on protest days –
their banners waved and placards thrust
at those who earn a daily crust.
‘We’re doomed!’ they cry
‘the end is nigh.
We want to save the world somehow
and need a futile gesture NOW!
A schoolgirl is our chosen one,
she says the world may soon be gone.
We’ve realised that she is right
and everything is black and white.’

They seem bizarrely unforgiving
of those who earn an honest living.
Are they middle class knobs
who do not have jobs
and disdainfully view
people who do?
- well-meaning plonkers who’ve thrown in their lot
with those who protest at whatever you’ve got?

But why, you may ask, are they targeting me?
I’ve stopped chucking carrier bags into the sea,
I’m already steadfastly proving my worth,
staunchly but modestly saving the Earth - 
I sort out my paper, containers and tins
and put them all into recycling bins.
Do those who are stirring up trouble
think we live in our own little bubble?

If they’re concerned about matters like these
they should take a bold step and confront the Chinese.
‘You were doing so well when you all rode on bikes,
but now you’re the top of our list of dislikes.
How can you let your economy boom
when you know we’re all facing our imminent doom?’
The Chinese would be miffed,
give them short shrift
or simply say Thanks -
Say Hello to our tanks.

And why don’t they trek to the Amazon basin
to rail against logging and deforestation?
where many disastrous fires are starting
and cows are apparently lethally farting,
They won’t see a quick About Face
but at least they’d be in the right place.

But easier targets they like to attack
and then give themselves a nice pat on the back,
doing sod all for the planet alas
but being a self-righteous pain in the ass.

The Bar & Grill / Re: Day of rest? Hardly.
« Last post by Firefly on Today at 08:56:21 AM »
Is the outside shed water tight Gyp?

Those plastic boxes are brilliant, mine never had a bit of mustyness when I have been unpacking them

The Bar & Grill / Re: Doorstep sweeping tool (Picture and a few words.)
« Last post by Firefly on Today at 08:52:23 AM »
 ;D ;D ;D
Not a lick of rain. Next month, 4 minute showers, oh joy
The Bar & Grill / Re: Mystery object from about 60 years ago. (Picture.)
« Last post by Firefly on Today at 08:51:00 AM »
I thought it held potpourri till I read Mark's reply that makes the most sense.

Royal Doulton or that other lot in blue and green perhaps?
Word Play / Re: Conjoining Words
« Last post by Firefly on Today at 08:48:37 AM »
crash helicopter
Ask a Question / Re: Do These Work
« Last post by Garld1994 on Today at 07:35:09 AM »
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Word Play / Re: We all have questions
« Last post by Mark Hoffmann on Today at 07:17:05 AM »
Is it like one really but in triplicate?
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