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Word Play / Re: The last person to post here wins
« on: April 10, 2021, 11:03:18 AM »
I'm afraid to ask and too lazy to look it up at the moment.

Word Play / Re: Still making it...
« on: April 10, 2021, 10:54:18 AM »
A singing quartet of guys named, Al who live at Santa Monica Beach, under the pier.


Word Play / Re: We all need answers
« on: April 10, 2021, 10:46:41 AM »
Our house was burgled in 1992 and all of my grandmother's heirloom jewelry was taken along with my collection of political, funny, odd, and antique buttons and flag pins I picked up in the cities where I stayed. A nice stereo system, my wings, and class ring were also taken. Worst of all was the sense of violation knowing some jerk(s) were in our house going through our drawers our cereal, sugar, flour, everything.

What was the most valuable, best, or biggest prize you ever won and how did you win it?

Word Play / Re: We all have questions
« on: April 10, 2021, 10:34:44 AM »
Only if they are surfing the net.

Aren't you glad you don't need a surfboard to surf the net? What do you surf the net with? ;D

The Bar & Grill / Re: BWF Bar and Grill
« on: April 10, 2021, 10:23:33 AM »
Hi, Folks.

Hope everyone is well. It's great to see you again Geoff, Wordy, Olie, and Frank.

Wordy, you can declutter my house if you like. ;D
Patti, Dax is adorable.
Ollie, I love this.
If you want an interesting grandparent moniker, we called our grandfather Schatz, which is German for Darling (it is also the  German word for Treasure).

I've been busy with NaPoWriMo, Dr. Appointments, and recently trying to lose the weight I found over the last several months. It sure piles on fast when you're sedentary. I have to get back in shape and healthy again.

Stay safe, y'all.

For my birthday, way back in December, I asked for an experience, rather than gifts. I finally got my wish on March 27th when we drove three hours up the coast to Moonstone Beach and stayed in more affordable, San Simeon, a few miles away for two days and a night.

9b - on a roll

Labor of Love

Build our own beach hut, Mom’s quest for the day.
We mapped out a square in the sand
large enough to comfortably fit
a party of six, for three grown boys and me.
Using entrenched trunks for foundations on three walls,
it quickly transformed it into a hexagon.

Hunted among wreckage of bleached white wood
for the perfect lengths and shapes.
Made use of natural digging tools
and one giant, abandoned, red sand bucket
to dig deep and plant sturdy support posts,
one in the center and four for each wall.

On the boardwalk from the cliff above,
people stopped and watched,
admired the fortitude,
or wondered what kind of nuts we were.
Several commented on what an ambitious task
we had undertaken and how “Cool” it looked as it took form.

The front door was an arch of two opposing,
carefully placed tree remnants, each with branches
that reached a natural peak to allow head room when bent to enter.
We added a stick fence and decorated the entrance with
a great, heavy, ancient pinecone, a bench for two,
and a few fragments of dried-up seaweed bulbs.

A couple of older kids, brothers, I think, played
close by, keeping their eyes on the prize,
waiting for our inevitable departure.
A man with two small children
barged in without a word to take snap-shots
while facetiming a woman. An odd occurrence on any day.

In three and a half hours, we built our own Air-BnB
from driftwood on the beach –
a collaboration of fun and determination.
We couldn’t stay to use it but drove away deeply satisfied.
I’m certain we built the best shoreline hut
on any beach in California that day.

April 9th, 2021


Extra Mile

Dermatologist appointment in So. Cal.
Skin cancer check.
“While we’re at it, can you treat this rash again, Doc?”
What? Make a separate appointment?
Am I interrupting your day? Drove an hour to get here.
Insurance billed $175, I pay $25.
For what? A quick glance? Silently fired my doctor.
I guess if you aren’t getting Botox, fillers, or implants,
you aren’ t worth much time these days.

Gas stations were once called, service stations.
Fuel was pumped, windows washed, oil checked,
and sometimes, “Would you like me to check your tires, Ma’am?”
at no extra charge.
Service station attendants made minimum wage -
had nothing to gain by going that extra mile.
Young and weathered men
would scratch their heads, wiggle some belts, change a hose,
and just charge for parts, way back when service was golden.

April 9, 2021

I was on an incredible journey last summer with my first ever experience on a real river in a kayak by myself. I loved it so much, I'm going to make it a yearly trip up to Montana. Two of my best friends and my former flight-attendant room mates have homes in the Flathead Valley. I spent six weeks up there from June 1st until after 4th of July.

There is so much to write about with this experience but what surprised me most...


Bow Wow Wow

Flathead River Summer Solstice Float
North fork from the Canadian border
25 miles in two days to Polebridge.
16 boats, 35 humans, and 7 dogs.
Canines like hood ornaments
in life vests.

Ancient dogs, adolescent pups,
big dogs, little dogs,
rescue dogs,
hot dogs, beer dogs,
sunning dogs, wet dogs,
funny dogs.

River kings with attitude.
Head up, nose pointed at the bow.
Taking it all in
as if the day were theirs
while the humans navigated
and provided the manpower.

Ears flapping in the wind
over class I, II, and III rapids.
Easy going dogs,
ran that water like old pros
while I dog paddled
for my life in a ducky.


April 9, 2021


My Blonde

Airport run, arrival.
Rush hour in Los Angeles.

Both sides of the 405 jammed
as far as the eye can see.

I was early so we both waited.
I, at the wrong airport.

When you live close to LAX
That is the go-to.

He said he told me, Burbank
but I don’t recall hearing it.


April 8, 2021


Climbing Out

Went on a walk
- my old fitness route.
I gave up on fitness three months ago.
Curled up in a ball and stopped.
Locked up in a caged heart of obscurity.
Haziness felt like everything
and nothing at all.

I started slowly.
- only go halfway.
At least it’s something.
The hill steeper than remembered.
No strength for the upward climb.
Energy nonexistent
until the scent of citrus blossoms
sparked endorphins.

like heaven dripped in honey
or honey dripped with heaven.
I forged on, a third of the way,
two thirds – I’m almost to the top
Just do it. Finish the damn thing.

Mr. Red Breasted Robin greeted me
from a fence by a treehouse.
It reminded me of childhood
when we’d dream big dreams and pretend
to be grownups in a world where
everything would be okay.

April 7, 2021

Thanks All. It's been a busy day. I'm posting this just so I don't break my streak. It's on the fly.



Pain anchors me to the ocean floor.
I dance in the kelp forests
below the air I need to breathe.

Tues, April 6, 2021

Word Play / Re: New game: The Time Traveller's Persistent Cough
« on: April 06, 2021, 06:33:02 AM »
The Masked Price Hijacks

A documentary about how the blocked and backed-up Suez Canal cripples the global economy to nearly collapse and how it caused intestinal blockages around the world due to the high price of toilet paper. Shitty blockages all around.

Word Play / Re: Still making it...
« on: April 06, 2021, 06:25:27 AM »
Curdled apple wedges.


Word Play / Re: The last person to post here wins
« on: April 06, 2021, 06:16:27 AM »
Were people throwing money at your dog, Frank?

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