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Review My Poetry - Getting Started / A Poison Named Trust
« on: April 04, 2020, 07:36:49 AM »
Locked in a box
Buried underground
Let me out
Let me out

Buried underground,
— there’s no way out
Let me out
Let me out

Knuckles bloody, someone help me

Nobody knows I’m gone
Nobody notices, I’m all alone
Why doesn’t anyone care?

Hiding away in the dark
All of my thoughts and emotions
Fake smiles and batting eyelashes
I put on a disguise, tried to mould to your form
I’m just a jester who couldn’t entertain
They sneered at me, rejected me
Like I was a beast, they hunted me down.

Forced me down, locked me in chains:
I carried my own shovel to my grave
Now I’m awake and I’m here,
Unsure if I’m alive or dead

Running out of air,
I swear revenge
I pray, I plea
I scream, I cry,
and I curse.
Can’t fight anymore,
It’s the end. I think my last thought.
I take my last breath,
Sleep over takes me
and I’m just another grave...

// Not sure of the title but feedback please :) .

Welcome - START HERE! / Hello, my old friends
« on: April 04, 2020, 07:17:02 AM »
Hi guys. I posted on MWC today and remembered this was here. I thought I made an account but I hadnt . Life has been crazy, and I hadn't gotten around to writing in a while. Luckily though, things are slowing down again.

With all that said, I missed you all so very much. And I'm excited to make the acquaintance of many new friends ! Not sure if we are still actively using MWC or not, but here I am, late but here 😘.

I've a new pen name -- but please call me Marie if that's what you're used to!

Excitement is stirring 🤗 ,

Marie xxx

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