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We received notice today that our landlord is selling the property and wants us out by March 31st.

Aside from profound sadness and dread, I'm overwhelmed and stunned because we absolutely love living here.

Housing has become scarce and the cost is skyrocketing because of 700 homes lost in the Thomas Fire. It's expensive to move! We have a big dog and now that the boys are going to college, we have four cars. It's going to be a struggle.

This means everything else in our lives has to be put on hold to look for a place to live, pack, weed out and sort through all of the crap I didn't unpack from our last move. There is no way we're moving all of that stuff again.

The last time we moved was traumatic enough. Big fallout with my F-I-L. We were supposed to buy the place but he told me, right to my face, "I will never sell this house to YOU!" Then he evicted us.

My husband's family moved there when he was two. Other than four years in the Army and three years of college, he lived there pretty much his entire life. For me, it was over 25 years of accumulated life in dated growth markings on the door jambs as the boys grew, art on the walls, memories, and keepsakes from kids growing up and people who have gone.

We really missed our neighbors, neighborhood, and our swimming pool. It's hot here for six months. Then it's warm sprinkled with cold patches and, if we're lucky, rain. It was an easier transition because we fell in love with living here in the avocado and orange orchards with the Sespe Creek literally in our back yard.

I'm spoiled rotten now with access to a tree that produces juicy, sweet grapefruit year round across the driveway from the back door, a lemon tree right by our back door, orange orchards in the front of the property, a great big, old Bacon Avocado tree by the patio, and Haas avocado orchards on the rest of the property. So I've become accustomed to a steady supply of Bacon and Haas avocados and have become an avocado junkie. I put it on everything. My walk is perfectly mapped out and I do not want to move back into town. GAHHHH!

You are witnessing an internal temper tantrum, a meltdown of sorts.

It took us four months to find this place. We were limited to local housing since our youngest only had two years of high school left but I love this little town and don't want to move from here until my husband retires.

Tonight I will sit here and play games in shock and drink a few glasses of wine to  go numb and let the bad news settle in.

I'll pop in from time to time if I can but after tonight, it will probably be more rare with long patches of absence. 


If anything I'll need all of you more to help me keep what's left of my sanity.

Maybe I'm getting karma for saying I hope Trump has a stroke of genius. I knew it  was wrong to say. I don't really want the man to suffer, I just want him out of the White House.

None of you are allowed to get sick or die. Got it?

I'm fighting the tears and hitting the wine.


Word Play / Vocabulary Exploration
« on: January 13, 2018, 12:48:17 AM »
Are you game to expand your vocabulary?

It might help to go alphabetically but opening the dictionary and pointing to a random word works too.

  I'll begin with,
A - Acersecomic:   A person whose hair has never been cut.

Welcome - START HERE! / It's Great to Be Among Friends
« on: January 12, 2018, 10:54:27 PM »
Hello Good Folks and Dear Friends,

I must say, it is sad to have to leave the old place behind. There are so many good memories there that I fear will be lost forever. I resent the fact that a few asshats with worthless intentions have the power to make a place that used to feel like home such a miserable place for us to visit.

Visiting the old place sort of feels like living in the USA under the current Troll Administration. The difference being, forums can move easily enough. We Americans are, for the most part, stuck. Hopefully our friends in kinder, more gentle nations won't hold the current administration against us.

On the other hand, it is wonderful to see old friends that have been scarce these past many months. I look forward to making new memories with old friends and new.

I have places to do and things to go but had to put something up here before we get to page four or the fourth page back in reverse. I dunno why.

I'll be back to write something slightly more intelligible later.



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